14.04.2020г Урок английского языка 20 гр.

Тема: Достопримечательности Лондона. Праздники Великобритании .


Тема: Достопримечательности Лондона. Праздники Великобритании .

1.Прочитать , перевести .

The Big Ben is the most popular landmark of Great Britain. The official name of this building is Elizabeth Tower but we know it as Big Ben. It was built in 1859 and only after 2012 people started calling it ‘Big Ben’. There are many places in London where you can buy a small souvenir in the shape of this place of interest.

London Eye is a beautiful landmark in London. It is situated on the bank of the river Thames. It can carry 800 people in each rotation. London Eye can be also used for weddings! Many couples organize wedding ceremonies in this landmark. It is unforgettable holiday!

Trafalgar Square is the geographical center of London. There is the monument in the center of this landmark. It is known as Nelson’s Column. This square is used for walking, demonstrations and holidays. It is very popular among tourists and citizens.

Madam Tussaud’s is the most amazing wax museum in the whole world! It is visited by 2,5 million people every year. Every day you can see thousands of people standing in the queue near the entering to this building. There are many different wax figures. You can see famous actors, singers and politicians. They are very similar to real people.

Tower of London is a great building. It includes a palace, a fortress, a prison and a palace of execution. It is a big historical museum. It is one of the oldest places in London. There are many beautiful Crown Jewels in the tower. People working there carefully look after them. Tourists like this great historical place!

Thames is the river which London is stands on. It is not very long. It has nearly 3300 kilometers and it runs in the sea. English people call this river «The father of London». Tourists can use ships if they want to see the city from the river. This river is also called River Isis.

2. Выполнить упражнение .

Topic: грамматика «Present Simple, Past Simple, Future Simple»

Сhoose the correct answer. Fill in the table.

In Scotland people usually … a piece of coal in New Year.

  1. brings b) brought c) bring

She … to America for Christmas next year/

  1. will go b) goes c) went

3 Yesterday John … flowers for his mother.

  1. buy b) bought c) will buy

4 My sister … cards to her boyfriend on St. Valentine’s Day every year.

  1. send b) will send c) sends

5 Our class … Halloween tomorrow.

  1. will celebrate b) celebrate c) ) celebrated

6 Santa Clouse … presents into the stockings.

  1. put b) puts c) putting

7 Mary … a card to her grandfather on Father’s Day a week ago/

  1. make b) making c) made

8 At Easter children … chocolate eggs.

  1. eat b) eats c) ate

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