[10 группа] Англ.язык — Тема: «Фундамент»

Тема: «Фундамент»

Ex. 1. Read and learn the words from the active vocabulary:
beam [biːm] – балка
to be poured [pɔːd] – быть застыв-
foundation – фундамент, основание
foundation pit – котлован
foundation wall – фундаментная
frost line – максимальная глубина
hollow [‘hɔlәu] – пустотелый
in tension – при напряжении
load – груз, нагрузка
to lean – наклоняться, склонять
mat foundation – фундамент в виде
сплошной подушки, плиты
poured concrete – наливной бетон
pile – свая, столб
to pressure-treat [‘preʃә- triːt] – под-
вергать обработке давлением

prone – предрасположенный к че-
raft foundation – ростверк, сплош-
ной фундамент
reinforcement steel [ˌriːɪn’fɔːsmәnt
sti:l] – железная арматура
residential [ˌrezɪ’den(t)ʃ(ә)l] – жилой
spread footing – фундамент на есте-
ственном основании, ленточный
steep slop – крутой откос
to settle – осаждаться
to transfer – переносить, перемещать
top soil – верхний растительный
слой, дёрн
unstable [ʌn’steɪbl] – нетвёрдый, не-
water table – уровень грунтовых
width [wɪtθ ], [wɪdθ] – ширина, тол-
щина, расстояние

Ex. 2. Translate the sentences using the Active Vocabulary; put the ques-
tion to the each sentence:
1. Some of us may have even seen cracks appearing on the foundation
of the home.
2. The thickness of the foundation wall is determined by vertical load,
lateral load and the material used.
3. Piles are wood, concrete or sometimes metal columns that are driven
into the ground, used to support the structure and prevent it from sinking into the
4. A residential area is a land use in which housing predominates, as
opposed to industrial and commercial areas.
5. Spread foundations are common in residential construction that in-
cludes a basement, and in many commercial structures.
6. In contemporary construction, beams are typically made of steel, rein-
forced concrete or wood.
7. The loads carried by a beam are transferred to columns, walls and
other structural elements.
8. A beam is a horizontal structural element that is capable of withstand-
ing load primarily by resisting bending.
9. Reinforcement steel was known in construction well before the era of
the modern reinforced concrete.
10. The cross section shows the water table varying with surface topog-
11. Franklin W. Smith (1826–1911) was an architectural enthusiast and
pioneer experimenter in poured concrete construction.
12. Doors should be evaluated on both sides to detect holes or dents, par-
ticularly in paneled and hollow-core doors.
13. Top soil has the highest concentration of organic matter and microor-

14. It’s very difficult to establish new plantings on steep slopes success-
15. The frost line depends on the climatic conditions of an area, the heat
transfer properties of the soil and adjacent materials.
16. A ball on the top of a hill is an unstable situation.

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