[10 группа] Англ.язык — Тема: «Потолок»


Тема: «Потолок»

1. Переписать текст и перевести на русский язык


A ceiling is an overhead interior surface that covers the upper part of a room.
Ceilings are classified according to their appearance or construction.
There are cathedral, dropped, concave, coffered, cove ceilings, raised floor.
A cathedral ceiling is any tall ceiling area similar to those in a church. A
dropped ceiling is one in which the finished surface is constructed anywhere
from a few inches to several feet below the structure above it. This may be done
for aesthetic purposes, such as achieving a desirable ceiling height or practical
purposes such as providing a space for HVAC or piping. An inverse of this
would be a raised floor. A concave or barrel shaped ceiling is curved or rounded,
usually for visual or acoustical value. A cove ceiling uses a curved plaster transition between wall and ceiling; it is named for cove molding, a molding with a
concave curve.
Ceilings have frequently been decorated with fresco painting, mosaic tiles
and other surface treatments. While hard to execute a decorated ceiling has the
advantage that it is largely protected from damage by fingers and dust. In the
past, however, this was more than compensated for by the damage from smoke
from candles or a fireplace. Many historic buildings have celebrated ceilings.
Perhaps the most famous is the Sistine Chapel ceiling by Michelangelo.
The most common ceiling that contributes to fire-resistance ratings in
commercial and residential construction is the dropped ceiling. In the case of a
dropped ceiling, the rating is achieved by the entire system, which is both the
structure above, from which the ceilings is suspended, which could be a concrete
floor or a timber floor, as well as the suspension mechanism and, finally the
lowest membrane or dropped ceiling.

2. Ответить на вопросы, исходя из текста:

Ex. 7. Read the text «Ceilings» and find the answers to the questions:

What is a ceiling?
What types of ceilings do you know?

How have ceilings been decorated in previous centuries?

What was the purpose of that decoration?
Do you know any celebrated ceiling?

3. Выучить технические термины:

a cathedral ceiling – высокий потолок;
a dropped ceiling – подвесной потолок;
a concave ceiling – вогнутый потолок;
a coffered ceiling – кессонный потолок;
a cove ceiling – потолок с падугами;
a raised floor – фальшпол (технологический пол), под которым прохо-
дят все кабели, устанавливаемый в больших вычислительных центрах;
a cove molding – калёвка (фигурный профиль бруска или доски, по-
лучаемый строганием);
surface treatments – поверхностная обработка;
mosaic tiles – ковровая плитка (керамическая плитка на бумажной
fire-resistance rating – предел огнестойкости;
HVAC (heat, ventilation, air conditioning) – отопление, вентиляция и
кондиционирование воздуха.

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