Урок на тему: Газеты и журналы. Newspapers and magazines


1.Выучить лексику урока;

2.Прочитать и перевести предложения;

3Прочитать и перевести текст;

  1. Определить откуда взята статья( текст)( из Broadsheets или из Tabloid )

 5.Ответить на вопросы


  1. Лексика по теме (записать и выучить).


Article – статья

News- новости

Interview – интервью

Review –обозрение

Report – сообщение

Issue – выпуск

Broadsheets – широкоформатное издание

Tabloid – таблоид, желтая пресса

(Слова написаны на доске)


  1. Прочитайте и переведите предложения


  1. The articles reported that the conference was brilliant.
  2. The channel gives the full coverage of the local news.
  3. His interview was scandalous.
  4. It was in the sport review.
  5. It’ is reported that the situation is stable.
  6. IT was said in the issue of July 15.



  1. Работа с текстом. Прочитайте и переведите текст.

— So now you are going to read the text that is called «British newspapers and

magazines». The situation looks like  as  follows. There  are  6 foreigners Peter, Alex, Jane, Liz, Tom, Mary. These people came from other countries. They can’t buy their favorite magazines and newspapers. What can you recommend them if you know what types of papers and magazines they like? Read the texts and fill in the table!


Peter  is  a  businessman.  He  is interested  in  politics  and  economics.

He finds very important articles about business  and  culture  as  well.  But  he hates  gossips  and  never  buys  papers with  scandals  and  bright  photos. Sometimes  he  reads  messages  about society, science and technology.


Alex  came  to  London  from  Rome  a week  ago.  He  wants  to  know  news exhibitions  from  a  newspaper.  His about  London’s  films,  theatres  and exhibitions  from  a  newspaper.  His hobby is visiting restaurants. It is very important for him to know everything about London’s weather.


Jane doesn’t read very serious papers.

She  chooses  only  tabloids  with  big bright  pictures  and  a  lot  of  gossips

about  film  and  pop  stars.  She  likes reading  showbiz  news  and  her

favourite  columns  are  about  TV, films, lifestyle, games and fun.


Liz is  about  15.  She  likes  reading modern  magazines  with  horoscopes,

life advice, articles about fashion and articles  about  colleges.  She  is

beauty and entertainment. Liz doesn’t think  of  her  career  and  doesn’t  like

interested in guys (boys). with  some  scandals.  He  is  interested


Tom’s favorite paper is a broadsheet in news, business, sport and travelling. economics. He  has  a  family  and  always  reads articles  about  health,  family  and education. He knows everything about weather  from  his  newspaper.


Mary reads only magazines. Her  favorite  columns  are  about

fashion, make-up, hair and skin care. She  studies  at  college  and  thinks  of her future career. In her free time she likes  dating  with  some  her  friends: Simon,  Jack  and  Paul.  More  over Mary  keeps  fit  and  usually  reads articles about health and fitness.


evenings  he  doesn’t  m

  1. Определите откуда взята статья( текст) из Broadsheets – широкоформатное издание или из Tabloid – таблоид, желтая пресса


Text 1

Jake  Pavelka  and  Vienna  Girardi  met  for  a  follow-up  Bachelor  interview  on Wednesday night. Pavelka had just broken up with his fiancé by telephone amid doubts about whether he could trust her anymore, and when they got together  «The  atmosphere  was  emotionally  charged,»  producers  acknowledge  in  a statement.

Text 2

Only  227  Greek  islands  are  populated  and  the  decision  to  press  ahead  with potential sales has also been driven by the inability of the state to develop basic infrastructure, or police most of its islands. The hope is that the sale of some islands will attract investment that will generate jobs and taxable income.

Text 3 

Sara says» : «The biggest trend this year will be Wah Nails. She says «It’s the

coolest nail bar in London who will interpret the latest catwalk trends onto your fingertips or go DIY at home and experiment — the wilder the design the better I say!»


Text 4 

Leading  Republican  politicians  and  the  former  American  secretary  of  state Henry Kissinger have called on the president to drop a July 2011 deadline to begin withdrawing US troops, saying that it undermines the effort to defeat the Taliban.But  today,  Obama  said  he  wanted  to  stick  with  the  strategy  and timetable  agreed  last  year,  while  showing  that  US  troops  could  remain  in Afghanistan in significant numbers till next summer.


5.Ответить на вопросы учитывая свое мнение:


— Do you think papers are useful or they are a waste of time?

— What types of papers do you prefer: broadsheets or tabloids?

— What are advantages and disadvantages of broadsheets or tabloids? Give your arguments.


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