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1. прочитать и перевести текст;
2. письменно ответить на вопросы в конце текста;
3. выучить слова (vocabulary);
4. составить диалог по аналогии.

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  1. Sport games in Russia (прочитать и перевести)

Can you give a description to the word «sport»? Sport is an organized, competitive, entertaining and skilful activity, which requires following some certain rules. It is an integral part of our life. It is very popular among people of all nationalities and different age groups. Sport helps us to be in good form, to keep fit, it makes us more organized, disciplined and strong-willed.

Russia is a country famous for its outstanding brilliant sportsmen, especially in winter kinds of sport. Russian teams take worthy places at world championships in ice hockey as well as in figure skating.

Sport has become very popular among young generation, since from early childhood children are trained to sport life. Russian schools and universities offer students a wide choice of sporting activities. It can be tennis, table tennis, volleyball, basketball, swimming, football, judo, boxing and others. There are a lot of sport clubs in Russia specialized in various sports, which admit children and teenagers. Many members of such clubs take part in numerous competitions, struggle for medals.

Russian people like to do many different sports. In summer they usually swim a lot, roller-skate and ride a bicycle. All sports grounds are crowded with football lovers. But winter sports are closer to Russian people. As soon as the first snow falls, nearly all the livers of the country take their cross-country skis and lay out a ski trail.

Young sportsmen adore snowboarding and Alpine skiing. Ski resorts all around the country become more and more popular, especially among the youth. It’s not enough for snowboarders just to be able to surf down the slide. It’s a must for every respected boarder to show at least 5 different stunts, otherwise he or she would not be considered «cool». There is nothing more attractive for Russian people in winter than skiing for the whole day and then sitting with friends, chatting and drinking hot tea. The equipment for Alpine skiing and snowboarding is quite expensive, but young sportsmen use the equipment that they rent at the ski resorts.

You can’t forget about another favourite winter sport of the Russians — it is skating and particularly figure skating. Nowadays many people attend outdoor or indoor skating-rinks where they can skate even in summer.

Russian people are ardent fans of extreme sports. For the last several years there occurred a new youth passion for elastic bungee jumping. You jump off a bridge or a building and fall down to the ground, but just before the moment you hit the water or the ground, an elastic rope pulls you back. There is a similar kind of sport called skysurfing. In this case, you jump out of an airplane, which is flying at the height of about 5 km, and fall down using a special board to «surf» the air.

There is a great number of fitness centres all over Russia. A year ticket to one of such centres may cost about 10.000 roubles.

Having your personal card, you have a possibility to use all offered facilities and attend all the classes included in the program. It may be everything from a simple gym equipped with a lot of up-to-date gym apparatus to some dancing classes or a swimming pool.

But still many people watch sport programmes on TV and are sure that they can be called sport-lovers. Some of them are keen on attending football and hockey matches at the stadium in order to feel a unique atmosphere. There is a huge amount of football fans in Russia. The sense of empathy is very common for Russian people. The team spirit lives in them, that is why they are always ready to support their compatriots at any championship. Although there are many good professionals in such famous football clubs as Zenit, Spartak, Rubin and Locomotive, their achievements are not very great, but even this fact can’t influence the fans’ attitude to their favourite teams.

2. Questions (Вопросы):

  1. Describe the word «sport» in your own words. Do you agree with the given description?
  2. Do you go in for sports?
  3. What is your favourite sport? Why?
  4. Do you like winter or summer sports more?
  5. Are there any sport classes in your school?
  6. What kinds of sport competitions are held in your school?
  7. Russia is famous for its brilliant sportsmen, isn’t it?
  8. Why has sport become very popular among young generation?
  9. What kinds of sport clubs are there in Russia?
  10. What is bungee jumping?
  11. Why bungee jumping is called an extreme sport?
  12. How does a Russian person prefer to spend time on a sunny winter day?
  13. Are there any fitness centres in your district?
  14. What is the most popular sports game in Russia?
  15. Can you name any famous Russian football clubs?

3. Vocabulary:

  • description — определение
  • worthy — достойный, стоящий
  • competitive — сопернический
  • championship — чемпионат
  • entertaining — развлекательный
  • young generation — молодое поколение
  • skilful — требующий навыков и умений
  • figure skating — фигурное катание
  • integral part — неотъемлемая часть
  • to train to smth. — приучать к чему-либо
  • to be organized — быть организованным
  • to include — включать
  • strong-willed — обладать силой воли
  • to be specialized in— специализироваться
  • outstanding — выдающийся
  • various — разнообразный
  • to admit — принимать
  • numerous — многочисленный
  • to take part in — принимать участие
  • football lover — любитель футбола
  • to roller-skate — кататься на роликовых коньках
  • to struggle for a medal — бороться за медаль
  • to be crowded — быть переполненным, битком набитым людьми
  • to lay out a ski trail — прокладывать лыжню
  • liver — житель
  • to adore — обожать
  • cross-country skis — беговые лыжи
  • Alpine skiing — горные лыжи
  • ski resort — горнолыжный курорт
  • youth — молодёжь
  • to surf down — катиться вниз, скатываться с
  • outdoor or indoor skating rink — открытый или закрытый каток
  • slide — склон
  • respected — уважаемый
  • boarder — сноубордист
  • to chat — болтать
  • stunt — трюк
  • equipment — оборудование
  • cool — классный
  • to rent — брать напрокат
  • ardent — рьяный, горячий
  • to occur — появляться
  • fan — фанат
  • passion — страсть
  • bungee jumping — прыжки с канатом
  • skysurfing — скайсёрфинг
  • to hit — ударяться
  • board — доска
  • rope — канат
  • year ticket — годовой абонемент
  • to cost — стоить
  • gym — спортзал
  • possibility — возможность
  • equipped — оборудованный
  • facility — удобство, оборудование
  • up-to-date — современный
  • gym apparatus — тренажёры
  • to be keen on — увлекаться, любить
  • to attend — посещать
  • achievement — достижение
  • team spirit — командный дух
  • to support — поддерживать
  • compatriot — соотечественник
  • attitude — отношение
  • although — хотя
  • to influence — влиять
  • sense of empathy — чувство сопереживания

4. Составить диалог по аналогии:

— What role do sports play in your life?
— Well, sport is an important part of my life. I go in for athletics in a sport club.
— What athletic event do you do?
— I do the long jump. Besides, I go in for basketball and in summer I am very fond of swimming.
— Are sports a source of recreation and pleasure for you?
— They surely are. Especially swimming. You always feel fit, healthy and cheerful after a long swim in the cool water. It’s really a pleasure.
— What moral qualities do sports develop in people?
— Team games develop responsibility and cooperation, individual sports develop firmness of character, persistence, ability to stand up to difficulties.

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