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Since we all are human and always tend to develop, in order to be useful and successful personality, the main question we ask ourselves after finishing school is: which profession should I choose? Who do I want to be? Normally we choose the one that brings more money and success and is considered a decent and popular profession in the society and presupposes the future career growth. But the more correct approach would be: what do I do best of all? What do I want most of all to be?
Indeed it is a hard choice, but still very important. Let’s take an overview to the most large and popular profession areas that young people consider while choosing a profession.

Health Care. The growing necessity in the health care are can be explained by constantly growing population number and peoples’ average age – people are living longer so the increasing number of elderly people demands more health care services. Consequently the more working, administrative roles should be filled.
Computer science. The technological progress and integration of digital communications and IT services have created bigger necessity of specialists in this area, including private and public sectors. So the computer science became more and more popular in the last 15 years, so right now more and more people choose this direction after graduating the high school. Computer programmers, web designers and developers, system administrators have many job offers and are quite successful in their careers.
Teaching is one more popular profession, being respected and interesting in the modern society. Teaching includes many other sciences as psychology, sociology, philology, philosophy, logics, etc. Indeed it is obviously a big area of investigation and research and development, so many young men and women choose it without hesitation.

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