Тема: Великобритания

1. прочитать и перевести текст;
2. письменно ответить на вопросы в конце текста;
3. выучить слова (vocabulary);

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1. Great Britain (прочитать и перевести текст)

The full name of the country the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The United Kingdom is situated on the British Isles. The British Isles consist of two large islands, Great Britain and Ireland, and a great number of small islands. Their total area is over 314 000 sq. km. The British Isles are separated from the European continent by the North Sea and the English Channel. The western coast of Great Britain is washed by the Atlantic Ocean and the Irish Sea. Northern Ireland occupies one third of the island of Ireland. It borders on the Irish Republic in the south. The island of Great Britain consists of three main parts: England (the southern and middle part of the island), Wales (a mountainous peninsula in the West) and Scotland (the northern part of the island).

There are no high mountains in Great Britain. In the north the Cheviots separate England from Scotland, the Pennines stretch down North England along its middle, the Cambrian mountains occupy the greater part of Wales and the Highlands of Scotland are the tallest of the British mountains. There is very little flat country except in the region known as East Anglia. Most of the rivers flow into the North Sea. The Thames is. the deepest and the longest of the British rivers. Some of the British greatest ports are situated in the estuaries of the Thames, Mersey, Trent, T Clyde and Bristol Avon. Great Britain is not very rich in mineral resources, it has some deposits of coal and iron ore and vast deposits of oil and gas that were discovered in the North Sea.

The warm currents of the Atlantic Ocean influence the climate of Great Britain. Winters are not severely cold and. summers are rarely hot. The population of the United Kingdom is over 58 million people. The main nationalities are: English, Welsh, Scottish and Irish. In Great Britain there are a lot of immigrants from former British Asian and African colonies. Great Britain is a highly industrialized country. New industries have been developed in the last three decades. The main industrial centres are London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Glasgow and Bristol. The capital of the country is London. The United Kingdom is a parliamentary monarchy.

2. Questions

  1. What islands do the British Isles consist of?
  2. Where is the United Kingdom situated?
  3. How many parts does the Island of Great Britain consist of and what are they called?
  4. What ocean and seas are the British Isles washed by?
  5. Are there any high mountains in Great Britain?
  6. What country does Northern Ireland border on?
  7. What mineral resources is Great Britain rich in?
  8. What sea do most of the rivers flow into?
  9. What is the population of Great Britain?
  10. What is the climate like in Great Britain?

3. Vocabulary

  1. current течение
  2. deposits залежи
  3. the English Channel Ла Манш
  4. decade десятилетие
  5. to be washed by омываться
  6. estuary устье реки
  7. to border on граничить с…
  8. to consist of состоять из…
  9. island остров
  10. to discover обнаруживать
  11. iron ore железная руда
  12. to separate разделять
  13. mountainous peninsula гористый полуостров
  14. to stretch простираться
  15. monarchy монархия

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